Everything you need to go to market, engage with your customers and win revenue

You find product-market fit, and we find our next investment opportunity.

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Master every step with live and video coaching.

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Build confidence with case studies and best practices.

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Apply every step with tools that take you to market.

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 Acquire customers and find product-market fit.

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 Introduce yourself to GrowthX Capital, our VC fund.

GrowthX Founders Get Real Results

Traction Speaks Louder Than Words (and Pitch Decks)

“The GrowthX MXP helped us understand and create business and sales structures that have been invaluable to our growth.”

GrowthX Capital Founder, GlamSt (acquired by Ulta Beauty)

Agustina Sartori, Founder, GlamSt (acquired by Ulta Beauty)

“Just by being a part of [GrowthX MXP] for a few months it's made an incredible impact on the way I approach my business. If you get a chance to work with these guys, take it. It's been extremely helpful for us! ”

Founder, HouseKeys


Master every step with our on-demand video coaching library

Apply every step in real-time with our interactive tools that take you to market

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“Having GrowthX on your side is like having a co-founder that is an absolute authority on lean thinking, business strategy and achieving product-market fit.”

Sashank Purighalla
Sashank Purighalla
Founder, BOS Framework
(a Techstars company)

“GrowthX MXP helped us with our go-to-market, allowing us to replicate the step-by-step process to our own reality and scale.”

Emilia Chegas
Emilia Chegas
Founder, Contentools
(a 500 Startups company)

“GrowthX’s focus on nailing true customer needs before scaling resonated with me.”

Pavan Boob
Pavan Boob
Founder, FleetPanda
(a 500 Startups company)

Market Foundation

Like any framework, the path to product-market fit begins with a strong foundation. Properly prepare for your go-to-market journey by establishing your market development resources.

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Market Discovery

Identify the people who have the most pressing problem or urgent need and who you can help today. It's not a search for Mr. or Ms. Right, it's how to discover your Mr. or Ms. Right Now.

market messaging

Market Messaging

Resonate with your market by messaging benefits, not features. Clearly and consistently communicate what you do for your customers, not just what you do. Selling is helping.

Market Instrumentation

Market Instrumentation

Before you begin your initial outreach, create systems and tools to capture and analyze market feedback. Avoid the mistake of bringing feelings to a data fight.

Market Outreach globe

Market Outreach

The goal of initial market outreach is to generate enough conversations to test your customer and messaging hypotheses. Avoid the scale trap. Learning precedes revenue.

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Market Scale

 Increase go-to-market activities based on all prior learnings. A consistent flow of new customers from a known series of steps is the market validation that you're ready to scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the cost include?

The cost includes over 85 videos with over 11 hours of on-demand coaching, 33 written lessons, 31 interactive exercises, and 34 downloadable templates. It’s everything you need to go to market, engage with your customers and win revenue!

What can I expect to accomplish?

If you dedicate the time and complete the entire program, while using the tools to take you to market, and you listen and learn based on what the market tells you, you will identify the customers with the highest revenue potential matched with the highest likelihood of winning that revenue, and you will have a solid foundation and a playbook to scale your business.

I’m in an accelerator and I want them to use your program, but how?

We work with accelerators around the world! Please share this page with your accelerator team.

When does the program start and finish?

It’s self-paced and entirely online. Measure your progress by learning to interpret the market feedback you will generate throughout the program. Graduate with customers and revenue, not a certificate of completion.

My company sells services, not products, will your program help me?

Yes! Products, services and the markets they serve may all be unique, but the path to finding product-market fit is not. Our program is the only comprehensive playbook for finding product-market fit for any service or product.

I want to work for a startup, will your program help me?

Yes! The #1 reason why startups fail is spending too much time and money on products without solving a market need. Our program will fully prepare you to succeed as an early business hire. It’s the detailed playbook you need to help your startup find product-market fit.

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