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Your founders find product-market fit, and we find investment opportunities.

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On-Demand and live coaching, and tools that take your founders to market in real-time.

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Cloud-based platform enables staff and mentors to fully support founders.

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White-labeled solution to celebrate your brand and extend your market opportunity globally.

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Traction speaks louder than words. Your founders will be investment-ready.

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Our VC fund, GrowthX Capital, is looking forward to meeting your founders.

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Traction Speaks Louder Than Words (and Pitch Decks)

“If you're considering MXP from GrowthX, just stop considering and move forward. Trust me! We've been blown away by the results!”

CEO, Propel Canada


Founders master every step with our on-demand video coaching library

Founders apply every step in real-time with our interactive tools that take them to market

Interactive Exercises

“We chose GrowthX because their MXP provides everything founders need to develop revenue and find product-market fit.”

Les Schmidt
Les Schmidt

“GrowthX is helping Vanderbilt prepare our MBA students for the Innovation Economy.”

Michael Bryant
Mike Bryant

“Since working the GrowthX MXP with Propel, FoodByte cut their sales cycle in half and more than doubled their ACV.”

Charlotte Murray
Charlotte Murray

“We developed a great partnership with GrowthX. We believe it provides systematic go-to-market guidance for our startups.”

JaeSung Ro
JaeSung Ro
Born2Global Korea Accelerator

“Our coaches plus Growthx MXP is the magic formula!”

Kathryn Lockhart
Kathryn Lockhart

Market Foundation

Like any framework, the path to product-market fit begins with a strong foundation. Properly prepare for your go-to-market journey by establishing your market development resources.

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Market Discovery

identify the people who have the most pressing problem or urgent need and who you can help today. It's not a search for Mr. or Ms. Right, it's how to discover your Mr. or Ms. Right Now.

market messaging

Market Messaging

Resonate with your market by messaging benefits, not features. Clearly and consistently communicate what you do for your customers, not just what you do. Selling is helping.

Market Instrumentation

Market Instrumentation

Before you begin your initial outreach, create systems and tools to capture and analyze market feedback. Avoid the mistake of bringing feelings to a data fight.

Market Outreach globe

Market Outreach

The goal of initial market outreach is to generate enough conversations to test your customer and messaging hypotheses. Avoid the scale trap. Learning precedes revenue.

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Market Scale

 Increase go-to-market activities based on all prior learnings. A consistent flow of new customers from a known series of steps is the market validation that you're ready to scale.

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Global Community of Experts

Our global network of go-to-market experts are available to work alongside your staff
and mentors to fully support your founders along their entire growth journey.


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Ken Lundin

Andrew Goldner

Arjun Arora

Lauren Vosbein

Camille Ricketts

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Chris Ciavarra

Claire Vidal

Erika Hanifan Feldhus

Greg Orme

James Bosworth

Jason Sew Hoy

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Jess Smith

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Jorge Inda Meza

Josh Segall

Julie Lenzer

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Kendall Romine

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Lauren Vaccarello

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Max Menke

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Your founders find product-market fit, and we find investment opportunities.

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